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I’ve been busy this week – every little ounce of spare time has been taken up with re-designing my website and blog. What do you think of the new look?  I was feeling a little claustrophobic with the previous look so I made the site wider and it feels a lot more spacious and roomy now. I got really into it last night and ended up staying up until three in the morning as I wanted to get all the main site pages finished. I’ve still got some text to write and the galleries within the product pages to sort out.

I also need to do some new photography as well as I’ve got new products to add to the existing list. One design decision I did make when I refreshed the site was that I think from now on ‘milomade’ needs to have a capital M and be ‘Milomade’. It’s fine to have a lowercase ‘m’ for the logo, but in the main copy of the site it’s going to have a capital ‘M’ from now on.

I did a WordPress backup today which made me nervous as I wasn’t really sure whether I was doing it right, but I followed what seemed to be a sensible checklist provided by ThemeLab and then followed these upgrade instructions and overwrote the old WP files with the latest version and low and behold it all worked – I’ve not noticed any glitches or errors pop up yet, so fingers crossed!

The next step is to install the Shopp plugin and build my own online shop. I’ve bought the plugin and downloaded it, but that’s as far as I’ve got so far. Need to see if I’ve got any time this week to play around with that. Can’t wait to have my own shop up and running as I’m getting fed up with Folksy and wasn’t that impressed with Coriandr. So those two Milomade shops might be closing soon.

I’m also thinking of installing a Flickr Gallery / Lightbox thing for my images as I want to start using flickr more and I’ve never liked the way WordPress deals with images. So expect some further developments soon.

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  1. Leland says:

    I really can’t stress this enough, but it’s very important to take a backup before making any major changes, like upgrading software.

    A database backup at the very least will come in handy if you run into problems and need to revert back to your old site for whatever reason.

    Thanks for mentioning my article!

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