Stuff Destined for the Skip or a Freecycler


We hate the concrete garden we have at the front of the house and want to do something about it this summer. It’s going to mean trying to hack away at it with a pick axe ourselves, or if that fails, hiring someone with a pneumatic drill.

A previous owner decided to embed a load of large stones in concrete and then fill in the gaps with small red, white and grey gravel. We don’t know how deep the concrete is.

Worst case scenario is that it’s as deep as the edging stones which I think are about 30cm deep. The scenario we’re hoping for is that this area used to be a garden and contain soil and therefore the concrete is just a thin layer on top of soil. There’s no way of knowing until we start hacking at it. There is also a 2ft wide gap between the house and this concrete monstrosity and this has been filled with a mixture of small rocks, pebbles and shells.

This is what’s in the gap:

Gap filled with rubble

It all has to go, so I’m going to put a posting on Freecycle in the hope that someone is in need of general rubble for a building project of any sort.

This is the concrete monstrosity with embedded large stones and covered in red, white and grey gravel:


I think I’ll list the gravel on Freecycle separately, as someone might want that for decorative purposes.

Here are some more pics of what I’m on about…

Detail of Gravel Shells / Rubble Pebbles