I got a pocketful of dreams…

I heard this song on the radio the other day when I was sanding down the walls in Colin’s studio and getting them ready for plastering and painting – a tiring and boring job – I felt totally demoralised thinking of all the work we need to do on the house and wishing I had the money to pay someone else to do it all. I know all the hard work is going to be worth it – I just wish it wasn’t so hard and didn’t take so long. Having to fit all the DIY around life and work means there are just not enough hours in the week to get all the tasks done and things get put off and delayed or simply ignored until they really just have to get done.

This song really lifted me though and I took off my face mask and put down my tools, turned off the light and looked out of the window, out to sea, at all the boats out on the water with the light from the lighthouse turning rhythmically and sending out it’s beam of light. It made me think ‘I can do this’ and and it made me feel positive not only about the DIY but about everything. It makes me want to go to New York too – the last time I was there was so long ago!

I went to give blood today and for some reason the song came up in conversation with the guy attending to me and he thought it was really inspiring too – so I thought I’d share it with you. Let me know what you think.

Empire State Of Mind (Part II) Broken Down