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26th May 2010

I popped over to Edinburgh on Monday to see Fiona at Concrete Wardrobe and dropped off a load of new stock. Fiona was on the phone when I got there and that gave me a chance to have a browse around the shop and see all the lovely things for sale – they have quite a talented bunch of designers on their books and I’m pleased to be on that list myself. Carry on reading to find out what’s new on the Milomade shelf at Concrete Wardrobe

If you’re a fan of my Antique Silver Rings made from teaspoons, then you’re in for a treat – pop in and see what is now on display! There are 8 new designs to choose from – lots of different sizes and 7 of the designs are adjustable, so if you like what you see, but it doesn’t fit, I can re-size the rings to fit your fingers. Approximate ring sizes are provided for each ring, so if you want to buy one as a gift, then all you need to do is find out which ring size is required and find a ring to match or ask for one to be re-sized to your requirements.

Also new in are some of my button bracelets in a multitude of colours – all the colours of the rainbow to be precise so you’re bound to find one that suits your mood or a specific outfit. And if you can’t decide on a single colour, then there’s also a bracelet for you – one that is made of a mix of colours.  Like charm bracelets, but with a selection of lovely colourful buttons instead these bracelets are lightweight, funky and a joy to wear. Each bracelet is made with 18 individually handwired buttons attached to a sterling silver chain which is finished off with a tiny clasp.

So why not pop into Concrete Wardrobe and get shopping!

50A Broughton St
EH1 3SA Ph

0131 558 7130

8 comments on “New Stock at Concrete Wardrobe

  1. Pat Alcorn

    I can’t seem to find the sterling silver button bracelets to buy on any of the websites.
    Also, since you live in Scotland and I live in the US, I would like to know how much they cost in the US.
    I think your cards etc. are just darling. In fact I really like most everything you sell. Thanks, Pat

  2. Sandy

    How do you buy a button bracelet? What is the cost?

  3. Milomade

    Hi there – I’ve not got any button bracelets listed in any online shops at the moment. I’ve just had a baby and on maternity leave and only listing items that are already made up as I don’t have time at the moment to make up individual bespoke items. I will be re-listing them soon though – with earrings to match!

  4. lynn

    i am interested in the button bracelets and necklaces too. they are sooooo cute. also need to know cost of items and shipping in english. hope u and baby are doing good.

  5. Milomade

    All my site (and prices?) are in English. Whatever that means. I have a few bracelets in stock that I’ll be selling at my open studios event in a few weeks time. After that I will add them to my online shop.

  6. Jane

    Can I get your button braclets? I’m in th U.S.

  7. Milomade

    Which Button Bracelets are you referring to? Elasticated? Silver? There are a load of elasticated bracelets listed in my shop. I’ve not got silver ones listed in my shop at the moment, but I have 6 in stock (orange, yellow, blue,green, red, pink). Let me know.

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