Sea Glass Commission

I was asked recently by my friends Dan and Sonas to make one of my sea glass pendants for one of their friends for her birthday. They came round to select a piece of glass from my vast collection and settled on 2 pieces and couldn’t decide between them. So I said I would make both into pendants and that would make it easier for them to decide.

Then Sonas spotted a unique piece of pale blue glass and asked if I could make a ring for her out of this. I didn’t even know I had a piece of blue glass as it’s mostly pale green and white glass that I find. So it was quite a find. I set to work and here are the results…

Pendant 1 – Front and Back

Pendant 2 – Front and Back

Blue Sea Glass Ring

6 thoughts on “Sea Glass Commission

  1. Bonnie says:

    That is beautiful in it’s simplicity. I even like the graphic contrast of the bright metal against the soft matte glass on the back, and would wear it either way myself. I love sea glass. Good job.

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