Recycled Origami Bookmarks

This tutorial was featured in the Summer issue of the UK Handmade magazine and I was reminded of it when I needed a bookmark for the book I’m reading at the moment and had to make one – I forgot that I hadn’t posted it on my blog yet, so here it is for you to enjoy.

You will need:

– some decorative paper, I’ve used an old envelope with an interesting pattern
– a ruler and a pencil
– a cutting mat and knife

How to make your bookmark:

1. Cut out a square that is 10cm by 10cm
2. Fold it in half on the diagonal so that you’re left with a pyramid shape

Origami Bookmark Tutorial from Milomade

3. Fold the right side up to the pyramid point and do the same with the left side
4. Rotate the piece by 180 degrees and unfold the two flaps

5. With the piece flat you will now see the outline of a square with the fold that you’ve created. Take the point of this square and fold it up so that the point touches the opposite edge
6. Make sure you crease the fold you’ve just made completely.

Origami Bookmark Tutorial from Milomade

7. Next take the left flap and fold this down to meet the bottom point
8. Then fold it in half upwards to meet the top point

9. Do the same with the flap on the right
10. You’ll be left with two flaps folded like this

Origami Bookmark Tutorial from Milomade

11. Now you need to fold the flaps in the opposite direction
12. By doing so you can tuck them into the pocket you’ve created

13. Fold both flaps and tuck them in
14. You’ll be left with this

Origami Bookmark Tutorial from Milomade

15. Flatten the piece and make sure all the edges are fully creased
16. You can place the bookmark over the corner of the page to mark the page you’re on

Easy Peasy! Now you never have to fold down the corner of the page you’re on – you can use one of these handy bookmarks instead. They’re so easy and quick to make that there’s no excuse not to. I’ve made most of my bookmarks from envelopes, using the ones with the most interesting security patterns, but you could use anything:

– pages from a magazine
– wrapping paper
– plain coloured paper
– pages from old books

Use your imagination and have fun!

3 thoughts on “Recycled Origami Bookmarks

  1. Tracie says:

    Thank you so much for such clear instructions and pictures! I made one of these a few minutes ago using a corner of a page from one of my magazines, and it’s so cute!

  2. Milomade says:

    Hi there. What a super monster bookmark you created! Thanks for linking to my instructions. This tutorial got featured in Making Magazine and it took me ages to figure out how to simply explain how to make the bookmarks and photograph every step. You’re very wise to avoid attempting if yourself.

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