Take an old t-shirt and make it new…

Have you got an old t-shirt that you’re about to throw out – stop! Have a look at this great online tutorial and see if you can turn your drab old t-shirt into something funky and new.

I found this Sweetheart Ballet Tee Tutorial at melissaesplin.com and love the idea! Melissa is an all round creative person – artist, designer, bookbinder, seamstress – is there anything this woman doesn’t do? Go check out her lovely website!

This tutorial involves using a little ruching technique that is so quick to do that you’ll have a new look top in no time.

All you need are the following:

Fitted T-shirt
Elastic thread
Sewing Machine
Coordinating thread – same colout as t-shirt
Magic Erase Fabric Pen (not pictured)*

* I think I would just use a sharp pencil and bung the t-shirt in the wash after finishing it off to wash the marks out.

Visit this blog post for the full instructions – there is even a free downloadable PDF too – and you’ll end up with an amazing new t-shirt like the one pictured below!

How Fab!