Cool Bookmarks

Jacket + Bookmark

I used to one of those people who would fold down the corners of pages within books to remember the page I’d got to – but no more. Ever since I started making my origami bookmarks, I’ve stopped the nasty folding habit. Today, I’d like to share with you a few other ideas for bookmarks – these are all so cool and so cute.

Pointing Finger Bookmarks

With these elasticated bookmarks made from silicone, they go around the book like a large elastic band and you place the pointing finger where you stopped reading.

Pointing Finger Bookmark

Help! Bookmark

Paperclips with arms used as bookmarks. They appear to look like people that have been stuck between your pages.

Help! Bookmarks

Jacket + Bookmark

Created by graphic designer Igor “Rogix” Udushlivy.

Jacket + Bookmark

P Hook

Brilliant for magazines, these P Hooks come in four colours.

P Hooks

Bear Bookmark Tabs

It always helps to have good friends hold your place when you’re in need of a little break. All tabs are made out of paper with adhesive backs making it easy for you to write a note and pick up exactly where you left off!

Bear Bookmark Tabs