Handmade Christmas Tree

7th December 2010

We never have a real Christmas tree as we just don’t understand the concept of cutting tree down in it’s prime and bringing it into our home to watch it slowly die over the span of a couple of weeks. So instead we go on an annual festive twig hung and come home with something already dead and swirly with lots of branches to hang decorations from. Then on new years eve we chop it up into firewood and light the last fire of the year with it – it’s our own little annual tradition.

If you don’t fancy a twig for a Christmas tree alternative and like us you don’t like the idea of having a real tree, why not have a go at making one of these.

Handmade Christmas Tree

I found this tutorial by Lolly Chessie on the Crate Paper site and love it. Go and check it out – beautifully photographed and each stage is carefully explained.

Handmade Christmas Tree

I don’t have a Sissix machine, so if I do go ahead and make some of these, I was just thinking of usingĀ  my 1″ heart shaped punch as that would give me a similar shape to work with – I would have to punch out each heart individually though so there is a benefit to owning a Sizzix!

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