Autumnal Colours

Autumn in here

We had a lovely day out the other day, despite setting off in the pouring rain. We drove up to Perth to visit The Burning Question to look at wood burning stoves as we need one for our lounge. I recently re-designed their website so it was lovely to go up and meet them in person and get their expert advice.

We came away with some brochures and our list of the top three stoves we liked – just got to do some measurements and decide which would be the best fit, but we both already think we’ve decided on which one it’s going to be.

We then did a bit of shopping and popped in to see the exhibition at the Concert Hall but were very disappointed to find that most of the work was switched off or not working!

On the way home we stopped off at Kinoull Hill and took the dog for a walk – lovely autumnal colours everywhere – bliss!

Autumn in here

And my new wellies got a good run about.

My new wellies

2 thoughts on “Autumnal Colours

  1. Julia says:

    Hi Evie, Enjoy the wood stove when it arrives. We got ours from a place in West Linton and it’s so cosy in the winter now. I love it!
    Just read your happy news in the other post…Congratulations! I’m so pleased for you x

  2. Milomade says:

    I’ve got a wee stove in my studio but not really had the chance to use it as we’re still renovating and so I’m still not back in there – hope to be back in by Christmas though and looking forward to the cosyness.

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