Big Hint – I want this book!

Boxes And Lockets by Tim McCreight

So if anyone fancies buying it for me for Christmas – please do!

Boxes And Lockets by Tim McCreightAfter seeing loads of fabulous old lockets and keepsakes at Blair Castle a while ago I really want to learn how to make lockets.

The lockets I saw at Blair Castle were for loved ones and contained locks of hair and other small momentos and they really touched me at the time, as I’d just had my operation to remove my ectopic pregnancy and I wished I could make something as beautiful as the lockets I saw on display to contain a few memories of my own.

I looked through the books that I had but none of them contained the information I needed. Then I found this book on Amazon and added it to my wishlist. I totally forgot about it until today.

It’s packed full of detailed demonstrations and introduces a variety of metalworking techniques for box construction, hinges and closing devices.

I have another book by Tim McCreight and it’s really good, so I know this will be a good buy.

3 thoughts on “Big Hint – I want this book!

  1. Pam says:

    I just discovered your blog – it’s great!
    I hope you got the book for Xmas….It was on my Christmas list too but I didn’t get it. So, I bought it myself on boxing day instead 🙂
    Just received it the other day and it’s awesome! really inspirational examples and terrific instructions.

  2. Milomade says:

    I didn’t get it for Christmas unfortunately. It’s my birthday tomorrow, so going to see if I get it tomorrow and if not I’ll order it myself. Glad you think it’s good – looking forward to reading it myself – off to have a look at your blog now…

  3. Pam says:

    Thanks for dropping by my blog! great to hear that you treated yourself to the book – I’m sure you won’t be disappointed 🙂

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