Every Cloud Has A Silver Lining

I’ve written a few posts over the years about my struggle to conceive and become a mum and a while ago I wrote a ‘Catching Up‘ post where I announced my first and very brief pregnancy. It was a very distressing time and I thank you for all your support and lovely messages and emails.

The problems I’ve had trying to conceive have all been down to endometriosis and it’s a catch 22 situation – if you have endometriosis, it’s really difficult to get pregnant, but one of the best cures for endometriosis is actually being pregnant. And here lies the reason for this post…

Although my first pregnancy was very brief, I was pregnant long enough for my endometriosis symptoms to subside and a miracle happened quite soon after I recovered from surgery. I can’t quite believe I’m typing this, but I can now happily announce that I’m pregnant and have got through my first trimester and all is going well so far. Just reading that back brings a tear to my eye! My little bump is my little silver lining!

It’s been a hard few months and I’ve had terrible exhaustion and morning sickness that came any time of the day it felt like coming. My taste buds went into hibernation and I found eating really hard, as I just went off all foods. I couldn’t stand the taste of most things, hated the smell of everything and was constantly worried about my ever increasing hunger. I even went off toothpaste and for the first two months couldn’t brush my teeth without feeling sick, so didn’t do it very often – just had a dental check up though and all my teeth are still in perfect condition, so that’s good news.

I was still having morning sickness last week, but this week so far has been sickness free and my diet and energy levels have started getting back to normal and I’m feeling more like my usual self, although a larger more rounded version of that self. I can still see my feet, but they are soon going to disappear beyond my ever increasing bump and Colin’s solution for this is to find me some clown shoes – LOL!

It’s so odd to finally be pregnant after so many years of trying that for the first few months I couldn’t get my head around the idea. I’ve got my 20 week scan coming up and really excited about it.

So again I apologise for my absence on this blog, but I’ve been a bit preoccupied of late, but getting stuck back into blogging again as from now on! I promise!

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  1. Milomade says:

    Thanks Anna – I still can’t quite believe it, what with all the bad luck I’ve had this year – it’s so nice for something good to happen for a change.

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