Vialli Garden Services Came To The Rescue!


We’ve been wanting to get our garden sorted for years but never really got going with it fully. When we first moved in we had to remove a thick layer of bark chippings and under that we discovered a 3″ layer of red gravel that took an age to remove and bag up – got rid of more than 40 bags on Freecycle! We then laid a square patio foundation and built a greenhouse on top of it, but the rest of the garden got neglected and we’ve been staring at mounds of mud and weeds for years! That all changed last month…

Vialli Garden Services

Michael from Vialli Garden Services came over for a few days and helped us dig over the entire garden. We got rid of all the weeds, laid a stone circle patio as well as a fresh green turf lawn. It looks absolutely amazing and although we could’ve done the work ourselves, we know we’d never have got around to it and it was great to have a large kick up the bum and all of Michael’s help and expertise to get it done at long last.

We met Michael in December last year when he came to help us with our kitchen renovation, as his background is in Structural Engineering. I’ve known his wife Jill for a long time, as we used to work together many many years ago. As we knew Michael now ran two garden businesses – Vialli Garden Design and Vialli Garden Services – we asked his advice on what we could do with our garden whilst he was round measuring up our kitchen and advising on installing a new beam, and when would be the best time to tackle it. He offered a lot of advice there and then and earlier this year we decided hire Micheal and his expertise to help us get the garden finished at long last. It wasn’t until September that we all had a few free days in our diaries that coincided to tackle the beast.

We didn’t have great weather on the first day, but in the drizzle we dug over the entire garden and got rid of all the weeds. I helped with this part, but was too tired out after that to help any more and excused myself for the rest of the garden makeover. I took loads of photo’s though of the progress and I’m sure you’ll agree it’s been quite a transformation.

Digging over and getting the garden ready…

The Garden Makeover The Garden Makeover The Garden Makeover

Laying the stone circle patio…

The Garden Makeover The Garden Makeover The Garden Makeover The Garden Makeover

Laying the turf…

The Garden Makeover The Garden Makeover The Garden Makeover The Garden Makeover The Garden Makeover The Garden Makeover

We were originally going to seed the lawn and wait for it to grow, but Michael advised us that turf would be a better, quicker and less troublesome option. I’m so glad we decided to turf in the end as we got an instant new look to the garden and haven’t had to wait for the grass to grow. If we’d seeded the lawn we’d have to wait a very long time and in that time wouldn’t be able to use the garden at all – this would’ve driven our dog insane and we couldn’t have that!

It’s so lovely to see green grass rather than mud whenever we look out of the window!

Vialli are based in Stirling and they cover all areas of Central Scotland and we would highly recommend their services – not only with design, but with landscaping and maintenance too. We already had an idea of what we wanted to do with our garden, but Michael really helped us get it to the next level and has given us tons of advice on how to get it finished and keep it in tip top condition. We’ve learnt so much in just a few days and I’m really looking forward to Spring and Summer next year and being able to enjoy spending time in the garden at last!