Zippy Flower Brooch

I mentioned on Facebook earlier that I’d made some brooches from zips last night and that I’d post up some pictures on my blog. I followed a few tutorials and kind of made things up as I went along with their guidance and I really love the results.

Here are the two completed brooches – just need to make so cards to pin them to and they’re ready to go on sale.

Zippy Flower Brooch

Zippy Flower Brooch

Zippy Flower Brooch

Unfortunately because of all the upheavals this week – having to move most of the contents of downstairs upstairs because we’re getting the rest of the Oak floor laid at the moment – I’ve misplaced all the zips I found recently and so could only make two purple brooches. Going to have a hunt around for this zip stash later as I’d love to make some more for my craft fair tomorrow. I’ve got so many lovely colours – they’re going to look great.

4 thoughts on “Zippee-dee-doo-dah!

  1. jeni says:

    these are brilliant! I’m assuming that they use broken zips? Let me know if you need any more and I’ll hold onto any that come my way!

  2. Milomade says:

    The zip I used wasn’t broken – I just had no other use for it – I’ve just bagged a huge stash of vintage metal zips off ebay, so got plenty to keep me going for now, but if you ever get a metal zip that breaks, I can certainly breathe new life into it for you…

  3. Sharon says:

    I am looking for diy to do with my “bored” 12-y-o- granddaughter and she might like to do something like this. Do you have tutorial?

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