Special Delivery

Milo's First Post

Honestly – only a few weeks old and he’s already getting fan mail!

A parcel arrived for Milo recently, which was very exciting – I love the fact that it was addressed to him and not to me or Colin. I could tell from the packaging who it was from – all the lovely ladies at Fife Contemporary Art & Craft up in St Andrews.

When we opened the envelope, out popped a little purple fluffy bunny – so adorable and cute and just the perfect size for Milo’s little hands. He grabbed it straight away and hugged it close and it inevitably got a good dose of saliva as he promptly plonked it in his mouth to check it out properly. It’s got long floppy ears – perfect for little hands to grab hold of.

He loves it – and we love it too. It’s taken up permanent residence in Milo’s cot and keeps him company at night.

Milo's First Post

Purple Fluffy Bunny from FCA&C