The Knitwear Collection

Milo models his knitwear collection

We’ve got some really amazing gifts from friends, neighbours and family and I couldn’t resist posting these images of Milo modelling his knitwear collection.

The jumper is adorable and he got this from our friend Sarah, along with some other amazing items. It’s a little bit big for him, but it’s so soft and cosy and perfect for evening outings in the pram, I couldn’t wait to put it on him and I guess it’ll just seem smaller each day as he grows a little bigger.

The socks are from Catherine & Co who live round the corner from us and are equally just as adorable. They’re hand knitted by a lady called Morag Tweedie and he looks so sweet in them – they’ll definitely keep his feet and legs warm when it’s cold – perfect for living in our house as it’s still a bit drafty.

Milo models his knitwear collection


One thought on “The Knitwear Collection

  1. MissCrafty says:

    Wow, those socks and the jumper are amazing, adorable, perfect! So hard to find nice items for boys. Well, at least in my experience it is, you seem to know all the right people! 🙂

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