New Slinky Button Necklaces

Whilst taking time out from DIY to watch the Olympic opening ceremony, I started playing about with some boxes of colourful buttons I bought ages ago. Combined with some red thread I came up with some new slinky button necklaces.

They’re really lovely to wear – look great, feel great and also sound great. So I’ve ordered some more buttons as I want to make some more.

6 thoughts on “New Slinky Button Necklaces

  1. Rachel says:


    I stumbled across this page during my hoildays and I was compelled to write a comment.

    You are amazingly talented and have proven to me that no matter what you have you can always make something beautiful out of it.

    Thank You 🙂

  2. Phyllis says:

    Love the necklace; so colorful and different. My grandaughter would love it too. Is there a tutorial for this or any instructions on how to make? Thanks.

  3. Beth Marie Bloodworth says:

    I ran across this on a Pinterest board. I was real tickled because cleaning out my mother’s house, I found one that looks exactly like yours except the colors of course. As the other comment, I would really like directions about making one. It looks real good and I do like crafting and keeping busy.

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