New website is now live!

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Hey-ho – I’ve done it!

At last! I’ve managed to get my new website design up and running.

The site is now shiny and new, so is the shop too, but the blog is only partially done.

Milomade website new look

The blog needs a bit of work – I’ve updated the look, but not the functionality – I still need to upgrade to the latest version of WordPress and I’d rather tackle that when I’m not full of cold and stressed up to my eyeballs with all I need to get ready for Round the ‘Horn next Saturday. I really want to streamline the content in the sidebar and tidy it up. I want to start offering advertising space. I need to sort out my categories and my tags. I also need to go through all my posts and re-size images as the new website is a lot thinner than the old one.

I’m really pleased with the new look though and I can’t believe it’s taken me nearly a year to get round to implementing is as I re-designed it in 2011. There are still a few blank spaces here and there awaiting content, but I can do these bit by bit when I have some time next week.

I would love to hear your feedback – please post  comments below, or on my facebook page, or on twitter.

Please offer suggestions, ideas – what would you like to see that I’ve not included for instance?

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