Round the ‘Horn at Christmas

My goodness it’s dusty around here – I’ve not logged into my blog for what seems like months and I feel terrible for neglecting it so much. I’ve just been so preoccupied with other things of late, that I’ve just not had the time. One of those things being Round the ‘Horn. What is that you may ask? Well let me tell you all about it!

After the disappointment of Central Fife Open Studios in the summer – great idea, great it’s finally happened, but down to the lack of advertising the footfall was not as great as I’d hoped and it was a bit of an anti climax – so I’ve put a lot of effort into getting folk in Kinghorn to club together and organise a local open studio event near to Christmas this year. Those of you who visited my studio over the summer may remember me asking whether this would be something of interest and because I got such a positive reaction from everyone I asked I decided it was something worth pursuing.

And so the concept of Round the ‘Horn was born (thanks to Colin who came up with the name! Genius!) – So let me explain…

On the 24th of November this year, local artists and makers in Kinghorn are going to open their studios, shops and galleries to the public for one day as part of a creative trail around Kinghorn. To make it more interesting we’ve included a few visiting artists and makers and hope that if this becomes an annual event, the line-up will change every year to keep things fresh. We’ve created an advent calendar like trail for people to follow – in any order they wish – and by collecting a picture stamp at each location on the map we’ve had printed, you become eligible to enter our prize draw – one lucky winner will get a fabulous festive stocking filled with handcrafted goodies from the makers involved – all you have to do is visit all the locations on the map, and hand in a completed leaflet at the last studio you visit. Here is a list of the folk involved this year:

Me (obviously) + visiting Jeweller Claire Ferrier – Silver Fusion
Catherine Lindow –
Gail Cadogen – My Cherry Pie + mosiac works from the Ecology Centre
Annie Crow – DaisyC Handmade + visiting artist Ritchie Feenie
Hilary McGuire – The Dragon’s Den
Lorraine Walker – Hide & Sleek
Lynette Gray – Kinghorn Station Gallery
Linda McDevitt
Rose & Andrew Bentley-Steed – Oi! Panda + visiting feltmaker Maggie MacDonald

So over the past few months we’ve had lots of planning meetings, dates to decide upon, leaflets to design, posters to design, social networking to set up etc, but so far so good and it’s been hard work but so worthwhile! I’ve spent a long time putting a leaflet and poster designs together and everyone else has been leafleting like crazy and writing press releases and getting us in the paper too! Hopefully all this marketing will pay off and we’ll have an exciting busy day with lots of visitors. There is definitely a buzz around the village and everyone seems to know about Round the ‘Horn, so we must be doing something right!

Here’s a quick snap of the outside of the leaflet showing some of the lovely illustrations done by Catherine Lindow:

Round the 'Horn leaflet

And here’s the map that she’s drawn for the inside:

Round the 'Horn map illustrated by Catherine Lindow

On the actual leaflet we have all the locations marked that are part of the creative trail but I didn’t want to publish those online.

I’m really pleased with the way it’s turned out as I’m no graphic designer and it was a struggle for me to get all that text in and lined up and looking pretty as well as informative.

We’ve wasted no time in distributing the leaflets and been gradually gaining fans on Facebook and Twitter – I set up a profile on both networks so please come and join us to keep up to date with what’s going on!

We hope it’s going to be a great day! Lots of visitors, lots of sales, maybe some commissions, meetings with lovely folk, lots of chatting, maybe some mulled wine, possibly carol singers, Christmas lights and definitely lots and lots of cheer! See you there!

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