Calendar of Silly Holidays


I came across this funny idea on Etsy today. It’s a calendar of silly holidays. I love it!

When I was pregnant with Milo, Colin and I often joked that we’d have themed days for him, like National Pirate Day, so that we could dress up as pirates and make daddy walk the plank. Or letter themed days where everything we did or ate began with the letter ‘P’ for instance (it’s the best letter when it comes to food, believe me!)

So when I saw this its cemented the idea in my head. It also fits in with the idea we all have of telling your children silly stuff when answering their many millions of questions. I so want to make something like this for when Milo is older.

Check it out here –


You could do it on a monthly basis and create a large poster sized calendar to stick to their bedroom wall with lots of silly days listed in it. Going to get thinking and creating…