Magnetic Spice Jars

Box of tins

A while ago on Facebook I mentioned that I had ordered a box of 100 round screw top tins with clear lids. I’ve been wanting to get some magnetic spice jars to stick to my fridge for ages, but when you need 30 or so, the packs you find in the likes of IKEA would amount to spending over £100. So…

Box of tins

I decided to make my own and here’s how you could do it too.

Ages ago I bought a badge maker and with it came a small box containing tons of magnets – I thought this was a bonus at the time as I thought I could make fridge magnets, but the magnets didn’t fit the badge components very well, so they got shoved in a drawer and forgotten about until now. I thought this would be a great little project to use a few at least.

After a huge amount of searching online I bought my tins from here – I had to get a box of 100 though, but I think it was worth it as I’m sure I’ll find a use for the left overs – in fact see the bottom of this blog post for an offer…

So lets get going…

What you need:

Magnetic Spice Jar Tutorial from Milomade

– Small round tins with clear lids, preferably with screw tops
– Super glue *
– Small magnets
– A4 paper to make labels with + a printer – or alternatively hand write your labels
– Clear Fablon – or alternatively you could use sticky tape of the ‘magic’ variety
– Cutting mat, knife and metal ruler
– A pair of scissors is also handy

*I initially used a glue gun, but all the magnets came unstuck after a week! So after a few tests with other glues I found that super glue gave the best results.

Step One

Magnetic Spice Jar Tutorial from Milomade

Take all the lids off your tins and give both the lids and bases a good wipe/clean inside and out. Then line the tin bases up with their bottoms in the air.

Step Two

Magnetic Spice Jar Tutorial from Milomade

Check your magnets on your fridge to see which side needs to be glued – the magnets I have only ‘stick’ to the fridge on one side, so I had to find out which side this was otherwise I’d end up with tins that would just fall to the floor. Then pair off each tin with a set of magnets so each is ready to stick, as you have to work quickly with super glue. Through experimentation I found that three of my magnets will stick a tin full of spices to my fridge well – you may have to experiment a little depending on the strength of your magnets.

Step Three

Magnetic Spice Jar Tutorial from Milomade

With the super glue in hand, draw three circles where you want the magnets to go onto the bottom of each tin, then quickly and firmly press your three magnets in place. With the lids off its easier to push from the inside of the tins to make sure the magnets adhere properly and that the glue is evenly ‘squished’.

Magnetic Spice Jar Tutorial from Milomade

Again, you may need to experiment with the magnets you use, as you may need to use more or less to get your tins to stick to the fridge without sliding.

Step Four

Magnetic Spice Jar Tutorial from Milomade

Make some lovely labels (apologies for the blurry pic) so you know what each tin contains. I created mine using Adobe Illustrator and printed them onto white A4 paper, then cut them out.

Magnetic Spice Jar Tutorial from Milomade

I like my labels to be plain and functional, so they may look quite boring, but to, me readability is key. I then cut strips of clear Fablon approx 3-5mm larger than the labels on all sides.

Magnetic Spice Jar Tutorial from Milomade

Magnetic Spice Jar Tutorial from Milomade

Sticking the labels to the Fablon can be a bit fiddly, so it helps to peel off about a cm of the backing strip at one end and fold this down, then align the label where you want it to be and with that end stuck down it’s easier to peel away the rest of the backing paper and know that your label will stay pretty much in the middle of it.

Magnetic Spice Jar Tutorial from Milomade

Stick the label to the tin lid making sure you go round the edge of it with your nail to make sure it is definitely stuck down.

Magnetic Spice Jar Tutorial from Milomade

Step Five

Fill your tins with herbs and spices and stick them to your fridge.

Magnetic Spice Jar Tutorial from Milomade

So… Fancy giving it a go yourself?

Why not buy yourself a kit from the Milomade shop?

For a limited time only, packs of 10 are now available (only 4 in stock) – all you’ll need to do is supply the glue and the time.

Visit my shop now and order yours while stocks last…


7 thoughts on “Magnetic Spice Jars

  1. Amy says:

    This is exactly what I am looking for as I can’t find any to buy with screw top lids. I have looked on the website as you said you have to purchase 100 containers. Have you used all of yours? I was wondering whether you still had them and possibly could arrange me purchasing your left over ones from you?
    Kind regards

  2. Milomade says:

    I’m afraid they’ve all sold out – I had them listed as DIY Kits in my shop and they were very popular – but I’m afraid I won’t be buying anymore.

  3. Deels says:

    Hi there, could you please tell me which size tins you purchased from tinwaredirect please? I just wanted to make sure I’m gonna be buying the right size for my spices. Thanks in advance for your help xxDe

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