The Milomade Week

Express Yourself!

I’m hoping to re-instate the Milomade Week on my blog. I’ve found it quite hard to fit in blogging since the birth of my son, but since the beginning of the year I’ve been officially back at work and no longer on maternity leave and I’m slowly getting back into a routine.

I’m only working 1-2 days a week now rather than 5 and those 1-2 days are split between daytime hours and evening hours, but if I’m organised I don’t see why blogging couldn’t come back into my life. I’ve really missed it and have been relying heavily of Facebook to keep in touch with fans/customers and making connections and the blog has been sadly neglected.

So the Milomade Week is back although maybe sporadically at first as I may not be able to post everyday like I used to do, but I’ll try.

And to kick start this week, I’m changing what used to be Monday Musings to Motivational Mondays. This year I really want to focus on increasing my income from Milomade as I can no longer solely rely of my Web Design income anymore, because my working week has been reduced so dramatically. So if I can even things out and have more of a balance that’d be great. It’s going to be hard work and I don’t know if anyone else uses music as a motivational tool, but I love to put on certain tracks at high volume and sing my head off in order to get myself going.

So what better day to do this but Monday – the start of the week.

To kick start this week, this is a song I love. I got into it when Milo was just a few months old and I was at a stage where I liked to play him all the feel happy upbeat songs I love. It always makes me feel really positive and I love the lyrics. Nice and simple and to the point!

You have to watch it on YouTube rather here on my blog due to some copyright issue, so I apologise for the leap you have to make… Please pop back though and leave your comments below. I’d love to know what songs motivate you and make you happy.