A little obsessed with yellow…

I’m a little bit obsessed with the colour yellow at the moment. Not sure if its because of Spring or that the sun shines more often now or just because I’m painting a wall in Milo’s room bright yellow. I’ve got daffodils in the garden and making Milo eggs for tea – I’m surrounded by yellow!

A tub of yellow paint has sat in the hallway taunting me ever since I brought it home from the hardware store and I can’t wait to crack it open and get started with painting Milo’s room this week. In the meantime I’ve been finding lots of my other yellow things to add to my Pinterest board and here are a few lovelies that I’d like to share with you this week.

Theme Thursday - A little obsessed with yellow - Breakfast Bowls by Geraldine de Beco

These breakfast bowls by Geraldine de Beco are amazing. They look like simple plain bowls with a little detailing on the inside, but are miraculously transformed when filled with liquid – this one creates the form of a sleeping cat, but there are other designs in the range that are worth checking out too.

Theme Thursday - A little obsessed with yellow - Rag Rug by Mandy Greer

I really want to make a rag rug and I’ve been slowly collecting t-shirts and I’ve got quite a stash now so will be making a start on one too. I’m tempted to dye some of t-shirts yellow so that I can make the rug for Milo’s room to match his wall. This rug by Mandy Greer is lovely.

Theme Thursday - A little obsessed with yellow - Gerald the Girafffe by Hop Skip Jump Handmade

We love giraffes! And this one by Hop Skip Jump Handmade is gorgeous. I’m very tempted to get the book as its full of amazing little animals to sew.

Theme Thursday - A little obsessed with yellow - Sunshine card by Monkey Mind Design

This is a lovely burst of sunshine in card form – it’d certainly brighten up someone’s day. Check out Monkey Mind Design on Etsy and browse their beautiful collection.