New Jewellery Ideas

Baltic Amber

My head is exploding with ideas for new jewellery but there are just not got enough hours in the day for me to be able to sit down at my bench to put any of them into practice…

It’s very frustrating, but I’ve just got to accept that my time is limited at the moment and that the situation will improve over the next few years. I’m happy with that and need to take little steps and not giant leaps back in to the studio. So one step at a time I’m trying to be patient with myself and instead of rushing in and trying to do everything at once and making a huge uncontrollable frustrating mess, I’ve started sketching and putting my ideas down on paper again – something I’ve not done for ages.

I love making jewellery from antique silverware, as you all know. I love the recycling/upcycling element, the eco friendly credentials as well as the history and stories behind each piece. But one thing I’ve not done up until now is take the spoon out of the ring or pendant, if you know what I mean. My pendants are all very recognisable as spoon bowls and my rings are very recognisable as spoon stems. I’m fine with that and don’t worry, I’m going to continue making both, but I thought it would be interesting to start taking things a step further and start working with and focusing on the material rather than the object.

So there are lots of idea floating around for unique one off creations, that I will be making this year, and the first idea I want to try out will be using this beautiful Baltic amber.

Baltic Amber

I want to try out an idea for a ring that I’ve had floating round my head for about a year now and if I get some time this weekend, in between sanding and painting the walls in my sons bedroom, I will post up photos of the progress as the piece develops.

One thought on “New Jewellery Ideas

  1. Pascale says:

    I think sometimes it’s good ( at least for me) to feel frustrated , that’s how I progress with new ideas, yes I know the family, the kiddos, everything in the way and not enough time, but you know what? I think the stage you are right now is good, in the sense that without knowing you are already making different plan, you know something is not working the way you want and needed to be change. I am looking at your jewels and there are so beautiful, so unique, I am 100% sure you are going to create something unbelievable in the next months and laugh at it!! We all go thru that and it’s good, good to know that frustration as to be taken as good! Have a wonderful day

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