So many things…

Magnetic Wall Paint

My life is a work in progress! I’ve got so many things on the go at the moment but none of them necessarily work related that I feel a little stressed at times, but you know I like to keep busy and all this stuff I’m up to, plus Milo, are certainly doing just that.

First and foremost, Milo will be having his first ever birthday tomorrow (!!!) and it was our intention of getting his room finished as a birthday pressie, but unfortunately it’s still going to be a work in progress on his special day. I know most parents get their child’s bedroom prepared and ready before they are born, but we’re not the conventional type and its just not been possible up until now to start work on his room.

I’ve stripped all the wallpaper and cleaned up the walls and by the end of next week I hope to have the walls finished and painted. I’ve chosen a really lovely yellow for the feature wall and also tempted by this idea I saw online this week:

The road is painted with magnetic paint and as the cars are metal they stick to the wall – how cool is that???

Once the walls are finished, we have the dreaded task of tackling the floor – we need to level it out and lay down some ply over the wonky floorboards and hopefully that should be quite straight forward. Fingers crossed… Then we’ve got some lino to put down and then hopefully if that goes without a hiccup, Milo should be moving in by the end of April.

3 thoughts on “So many things…

  1. Amanda says:

    I love your blog! I was just wondering how you bridged the gap between only being read by family and friends and then a wider reader base? I’ve just started a proper grownup blog and am unsure of how to branch out my readership so thought I’d ask for some advice 🙂

  2. Milomade says:

    Hi Amanda – no idea what I did to be honest – lots of things – I just blog about my work, my ideas, my life and stuff. Milomade is a business so I’ve done my fair share of promotion – through facebook, twitter, pinterest, flickr, youtube etc and I comment on other people’s blogs and facebook pages. I’ve done blog feature swaps with other folk in that I write about their work and they write about mine. I’ve also been interviewed and had my work featured here and there online and in magazines. Doing tutorials is a good idea as it’s giving something away for nothing and people love a freebie – I know I do! You could also think about doing giveaways and competitions with prizes – I did quite a few of those to get my Facebook readership numbers up and it really helped. It all takes time and it’s hard work so make sure you dedicate several hours to it every week and you’ll be fine.

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