A year or so ago…

BunBuns and WoofWoof

I can’t believe that just over a year ago Milo came into our lives and blessed us with so much joy! A year or so ago he got his first ever letter/parcel in the post from the lovely ladies at Fife Contemporary Art & Craft. We opened it to find the loveliest, smallest, cutest little purple bunny.

We called him BunBuns and Milo has slept with him every night since then.

Purple Fluffy Bunny from FCA&C

I wrote about BunBuns arriving in this post and he looks enormous because Milo is so small as he’s only a few weeks old. He also has a small dog toy we called Woof Woof and wherever we go, BunBuns and WoofWoof go too. He’s so attached to both of them.

I have to prize them from him occasionally so the two of them can have a bath…

BunBuns and WoofWoof

Recently BunBuns went missing and for 24 hours Milo was unconsolable and I really wish I’d bought a back up, but Colin found him stuffed down the back of the spare bed and saved the day. I love it that Milo has such a strong attachment to these two toys, but I do constantly worry about the next time one of them disappears…

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  1. Fulvia says:

    Hallo, I always follow your very pretty blog, I admire the things you do but I had to comment this because Milo is such a lovely,lovely child. Congratulations!


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