Lemon Fizz

Lemon Fizz

My sons room is a work in progress – STILL – but I’m getting there!

I can’t believe Milo is still sleeping in the spare bedroom as I’ve encountered so many problems whilst redecorating his room that progress has been really slow. The wallpaper came off really easily, but what lay beneath wasn’t pleasant. I spent days washing and scraping off the old adhesive and tried loads of techniques I read about on the internet – including fabric conditioner and vinegar (not together!) so one minute the room smelt like a laundrette and the next it smelt like a chip shop!

I’ve done so much filling and sanding to get the walls smooth that I deserve a medal – they’re not perfect as I’m no plasterer – but they’re far better than what I started with. I’m really proud of myself. In fact I’m now ready to tackle the walls in the rest of the house now that I feel like such a pro!

The exterior wall has moisture spots and after investigating the pointing on the gable end to find it without fault, we’ve got a feeling that there might be a leak in the chimney somewhere – so that’ll need to be fixed soon.

I’ve not even dared to lift the carpet to see what state the floorboards are in, even though I know they’re knackered! I’m not so worried about that as we already know we need to level the floor and lay down new hardboard to bring the level of the floor in line with the level of the hallway once that’s been done (yet another thing on our endless DIY list). That might be something we tackle at the weekend.

So in the meantime I’m dealing with the two interior walls – one of which is going to be yellow and the other is going to be painted with a giraffe mural.

I started the yellow wall the other day. It took a few coats over a few days to complete, but it looks amazing! The paint is called Lemon Fizz and I can understand why!

Lemon Fizz

Lemon Fizz

Lemon Fizz

It’s going to look amazing with the vinyl floor we’re putting in which is grey. I think grey and yellow are a good combo. So much so that I bought a couple of tester pots of grey paint so that his giraffe mural can be a mix of yellows, greys and yellow/greys.

I found this image on Pinterest, but couldn’t find the original source, but this is what I’m using as a template for his mural…


The silhouettes are simple and elegant and I love the use of playful shapes within some on the giraffe forms. I’ve already drawn them up to scale on the computer and split each image into separate A4 sheets – these have been printed and I’m in the process of cutting them out and sticking them together. Once I have all 6 done, I can pin them to the wall and play around with positioning. Milo’s cot is going to be against this wall and I want them all to fit within the same width.

Not sure how I’m going to paint them yet, but at the moment I’m thinking of using masking tape to form the outlines and then using a small paint roller to fill the shapes in – I don’t feel confident in painting them freehand as I wouldn’t be able to get the edges straight. If anyone has any tips I’d love to hear them.