Motherly Love

Theme Thursday - Motherly Love - Love Heart Pendant

It’s soon to be Mother’s Day in America and what a day to celebrate! I had my first ever Mother’s day this year, as we celebrate it in March here in Scotland, and it was so special – my boys made it a really great day and made me feel very appreciated for all the hard work that I do. So I’m dedicating this week’s Theme Thursday to lovely gifts for mums…

There are lots of Milomade goodies to suit every budget and here are my favourite four…

Theme Thursday - Motherly Love - RePlumbed Red Heart Brooch

I love recycling and maybe your mum is a bit of an Eco Chic as well – these brooches are made from reclaimed copper pipes and colourful soda cans, with a lovely heart design and beautiful silver rivets. Each brooch is completely unique – just like every mother, so a brooch like this is a perfect gift for any wonderful mummy!

Theme Thursday - Motherly Love - Slinky Button Necklace

If your mum is button mad (like me) then she’ll love one of these slinky button necklaces. They’re made from large colourful round buttons that have been threaded in an overlapping style onto thick red cord. Very funky, very slinky, very lovely to wear, especially as a statement piece with a slinky little black dress.

Theme Thursday - Motherly Love - Yellow Zippy Brooch

Or how about a zippy embellishment for any funky jacket lapel? These zippy brooches are made from vintage zips and come in a range of colours and sizes. They’re all unique in their own little ways and could also be pinned to bags or hairbands to accentuate any outfit and make your mum really stand out from the crowd – definitely not for wall flowers!

Theme Thursday - Motherly Love - Love Heart Pendant

Last but not least here is a really great gift to show your love. It’s one of my love heart pendants made from an antique silver spoon. Delicate, unique and very precious. Pendants with two or three hearts are also available – simply get in touch for a quote as I don’t have any listed in my shop at the moment. There are also love heart earrings to match that have been made from the hearts that are cut from each pendant – nothing goes to waste!