Bad Timing…

Open 24hrs - Bollocks!

On Sunday we decided to visit Belfast Zoo and in N.Ireland most shops and supermarkets, we discovered, don’t open until 1pm on a Sunday. That’s fine we thought – there’s a 24hr Tesco on the outskirts of Belfast – we’ll go there to get bread and essentials for a picnic.

We saw the large ‘Open 24hrs’ sign from a distance, but as we got closer and drove into the carpark, it looked totally deserted – it was closed!

On closer inspection we read the small print on the massive ‘Open 24hrs’ sign and it clearly stated the supermatkets opening times – see photo below:

Open 24hrs - Bollocks!

How can they possibly get away with displaying a massive sign saying that they are open 24hrs when they only open at specific times each day!

Very odd…

Tempted to write to Tesco and get them to explain this.

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