Exploring Ravenscraig

We had a really lovely afternoon yesterday in the sunshine. We visited Ravenscraig Park in Kirkcaldy to walk the dog and saw woodpeckers and lovely flowers then played in the playpark with Milo.

We noticed two woodpeckers in a tree and were amazed to then discover that there was a nest and the two woodpeckers were the parents to what sounded like a very healthy brood. They were in the process of hunting for food and bringing it back to the nest to feed their chicks – it was amazing to see this so close, but we didn’t want to stay too long as we were worried we were making the birds nervous. I didn’t take any photos unfortunately. The boys watched from a distance. I sat on a bench quite close to the tree and got a great view.

Milo and Colin

Milo has started walking this week – it all happened so suddenly after we let him walk about bare foot in the house and garden, so it was lovely to see him slowly running about with his dad.

Milo and Daddy walking

From a distance I saw a bush covered in yellow flowers and we went to have a closer look. Smelt lovely, no idea what the plant is.

Yellow Flowers

The bluebells were also lovely today…


Also spotted – some lovely wood…

Lovely Wood