How I hate Computers!

Work Stuff

Don’t get me wrong I wouldn’t be without my laptop, my phone, my iPad etc, but when it comes to doing technical stuff I first panic, then research, then find excuses to avoid doing complicated stuff, put things off and then stuff never gets done. I’ve just bought a new laptop and had it for a few weeks now – have I sorted my email software out yet? Nope? Why? Because it’s complicated!

I own a copy of Microsoft Outlook that I bought for work years and years and years ago and have always used this as my email client. But the version I have is now terribly out of date and I don’t want to use it anymore and don’t want to upgrade or buy the latest version when there are lovely free options like Mozilla Thunderbird available. I have installed Mozilla Thunderbird on my new laptopĀ  and I now have the problem of getting all my emails, contacts etc from Outlook from my old laptop into Thunderbird on my new laptop.

Exporting stuff from Outlook generates a .pst file – Thunderbird doesn’t like these – So I have to use a converter of some sort to make my .pst file Thunderbird friendly. However, if I had Outlook with all my emails and contacts on my new laptop already and then installed Thunderbird, it would automatically import everything. I don’t fancy installing Outlook on the new machine though to then have to uninstall it etc, so I’ve decided to install Thunderbird on my old laptop – do the importing/transfer of info from Outlook and then export from Thunderbird on the old laptop and import whatever it spews out into the Thunderbird on my new laptop.

Time consuming and annoying and no doubt it will all go wrong somewhere along the line.

Wish me luck….