Reversible Bucket Hat by Oliver + S

Oliver + S Reversible Bucket Hat

What with all this hot sunny weather we’ve been having I’ve been desperate to get some summer hats that fits Milo and cover up his head and neck. Most of the ones I’ve found in the shops are useless – they’re small and barely cover the ears! So I was lucky to come across this amazing free pattern from Oliver + S for a reversible bucket hat. It’s perfect anf I urge you to make one for your child, for your friends child, for your grandchildren – even for yourself!

Oliver + S - Little Things To Sew“Everyone knows that hats are a must for covering up young, delicate skin. This one has lots of style and sews up very quickly. You can make it reversible with two favorite fabrics, or you could add a little pocket on the outside and complement it with a fun lining.

Make one. Make two. Make enough to coordinate with each of your child’s summer outfits or activities.”

So say Oliver + S and I’d have to agree with them!

I’ve made four of these hats now – two for Milo, one for his friend Lachlan and one for myself*.

This isn’t really a Tutorial Tuesday post as I’m not providing the tutorial, but the free pattern for the reversible bucket hat is available here and has been released to the masses to introduce folk to the new Oliver + S Little Things to Sew book which I’m quite tempted to buy as it’s full of lovely patterns for little people. This pattern is really well documented with good instructions and graphics and I don’t see the point in copying and pasting the instructions here when you can just download the PDF.

If I’m honest I found this pattern for the reversible bucket hat a litle tricky and fiddly and had to make my own little adjustments here and there, but I’m not an experienced sewer so others might find it really easy to follow. All in all it took me about 2 hours to make each hat, which is pretty good going when you need one in a hurry!

I found that the circle for the crown of the hat way too big and also didn’t like the idea of clipping the fabric so much so this is where I mucked about with the pattern a lot to suit my skills and abilities. I also thought the half inch seam allowance was too much especially as they then tell you to trim to quarter of an inch – seemed a bit of a waste – so my hats are probably a little bigger than they should be, but that’s fine with me!

Finished sizes according to the pattern are as follows:
For kids 6-12 months – inside crown measurement 18″ (x-small)
For kids 12-24 months – inside crown measurement 19″ (small)
For kids 3-5 years – inside crown measurement 20″ (medium)
For kids 6-8 years – inside crown measuremtn 21″ (large)
(Measure your child’s head to be sure you are making the correct size.)

*For the hat I made for myself I enlarged the pattern pieces when printing by 110% – the hat I made was a little too big for me, so when I come to make my next one I think I’ll go for 105% instead.

See the pattern for fabric measurements – I used fabric from my stash which includes old shirts, tablecloths, duvet covers and curtains – so I just mixed and matched patterns and colours that I liked.

You print out the pattern pieces and stick the pages together and then cut them out – you end up with three pieces in total – one for the crown, one for the brim and one for the side.

Oliver + S Reversible Bucket Hat Pattern

Decide on your fabric and pin out your pattern pieces. then follow the instructions in the free download to complete your hat.

Here’s my little cutie modelling the two hats I made him…

Oliver + S Reversible Bucket Hat

Oliver + S Reversible Bucket Hat

Oliver + S Reversible Bucket Hat

Oliver + S Reversible Bucket Hat

Oliver + S Reversible Bucket Hat

I love the two hats I made for Milo – they cover his head perfectly especially the back of his neck. He loves them too and often insists on wearing them indoors and if I try to take them off him he throws a wobbly, so they go back on – he’s often gone to bed with his hat on because of this and I’ve had to sneak in after he’s fallen asleep to remove them! I’ll definitely be making him some more.