What’s on the Bench today?

I’ve decided to do a birds eye view photo of my work bench every week so as to document what I’m up to in one image, as I often don’t have time to do a Work In Progress post and as I’m not working that often there isn’t ways work in progress to document, but there’s always something interesting happening on my bench.

I found photo stitching panorama app for my iPhone so I’ve taken 4 shots and been able to combine them into one image.

Here’s what’s on my bench today:


If you follow my Facebook page you’ll know I’m designing button cards at the moment as I’m going to be making up sets of vintage buttons to sell. So my bench is currently covered in buttons.

I’ve also just inherited a lovely old sewing machine from someone on freecycle and tried it out for the first time last night.

What’s on your bench today? Feel free to use the comment box below or Facebook to let me know.