Books I’ll never have time to read

Books I'll never read

I went to a local book sale with Colin and Milo this afternoon. Children’s books were 3 for 50p and paperbacks were 50p. We spent £14 and came home with tons!

Here are the paperbacks I bought myself which I will probably never have the time to read.

I was particularly chuffed I found an old Snoopy book.

And this David Sedaris one.

I even bought the first Adrian Mole book as I’d love to read that again.

I think fate prompted me to find these two.

And I’m hoping this one is going to be funny.

I also got two Bill Bryson books as I’ve never read his stuff and thought they looked interesting.

Jo Nesbo is a particular favourite so I found one that I hadn’t read – The Redbreast.

A Tony Hawkes book looked good too as did one by Elisabeth Hyde as I’ve read another book by her that I liked.


The last one I picked up was One Day.

I loved the cover illustration but also the title – it sounds good and I hope I get the time ONE DAY to read it as well as all the others.

Milo used to be into books and would just sit all days devouring images and texts, buts lately he’s been too by running and climbing and playing with balls and cars etc. to be interested in sitting for longer than a minute.

We put all the books we bought him on the kitchen floor when we got back from the sale and he got straight into them and sat chatting to himself for ages, turning pages and giggling and playing.


We decided today that we should start doing bedtime stories each night to get him used to some nice quiet book time and tonight I managed to read him three books and get to the end of all of them. Normally we don’t get passed the first few pages as he either wanders off to do something else, gets frustrated as he just wants to look at pictures and pages in any old order, or he decides to tear at the pages and ruin the books.

Lets see how we get on tomorrow night before I claim I’ve achieved something!

4 thoughts on “Books I’ll never have time to read

  1. Karen says:

    I think you all should sit on the floor with your new books, turn pages and giggle…. sounds like a fun thing to do. Learn from the young how to enjoy life.

  2. Milomade says:

    I’ve loved every nesbo book I’ve read apart from one – Nemesis – as the back cover bascially tells you what is going to happen and as you’re reading it, you’re just waiting for the inevitable and it’s annoying. I ended up not finishing it. The others I’ve read though (The Snowman, The Devils Star, The Leopard) were all brilliant – they all have rather melodramatic endings that are just ever so slightly unbelievable but all still a good read. Just discovered your blog – love it and added it to my bloglovin list.

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