Getting fit for free… hopefully…

Running For Beginners

I’m unfit! I don’t exercise! I eat too much! It’s about time I made some changes as I want to have the energy to run after Milo and do all the crazy things he wants to do and not be defeated by feeling knackered all the time. So I started running this week.

I’ve not done any challenging exercise for years. I started swimming once a week earlier this year but gave that up as it took too long, was really boring, cost me money and for some reason the folk who do the late night swim at the pool I used didn’t understand the concept of swimming in a straight line and I was fed up of constantly having to swim around people and fighting to stay in the lane I created for myself.

Months of no exercise, except walking the dog, followed. Until I recently started contemplating running – it’s free, doesn’t take up too much time and I don’t have to worry about other people getting in my way.

I’ve always been worried about running as I’ve got dodgy knees that hurt when I kneel or sit crossed legged and I always thought running would make things worse. I’ve had quite a bit of trouble with my knees since Milo was born as I’ve spent so much time at floor level. It got so bad this year that I resorted to medical intervention. My GP sent me off for x-rays and booked me in with the physio. Thankfully the x-rays came back clear as did some blood tests I had to get done too and the physio told me I had nothing wrong with me and I just needed to stretch my muscles and get a bit more flexible. All my pains were generating from the fact that I didn’t have much mobility in my joints due to tight muscles – all boiling down to the fact that I don’t exercise.

I’ve not done any running since my late teens, so I was finding my decision to go running regularly a little daunting. So one evening I googled something like ‘Running for the totally unfit’ and found some really useful websites and also came across this running programme which seemed totally doable…

Running For Beginners

Devised by another unfit forty-something, I felt reassured that this approach had worked for them, so it could work for me too.

So the plan is to take little steps, a bit at a time, doing a run/walk routine over approximately a 12 week period and gradually increase my run times and decrease my walk times until I can run for 20 minutes without a break.

I’m planning to run every other evening – one night on, one night off until I reach my goal of being able to run for 20mins. Once I can do that I think I can spread my runs out a little and just run twice a week instead.

I will keep you up to date with my progress and let you know how I’m getting on and if you fancy giving it a go yourself, then why not let me know and post a message below – we could be virtual running buddies.

2 thoughts on “Getting fit for free… hopefully…

  1. Donald says:

    Hi Evie

    My only tip for a person starting running is to avoid running on hard surfaces (roads and pavements) as this will be hard on your joints. Stick to grass, forest or dirt tracks and firm sand. And don’t do too much too soon or it will hurt and put you off going out again.

    I started from scratch and trained myself up to completing a marathon in a year – a long time ago now!

    Most of all mix things up and enjoy it.

    Donald x

  2. Milomade says:

    My running career has temporarily been put on hold unfortunately as my knees have been really painful again as I’m spending more and more time on my feet all day and they’re just not used to it. I bought a couple of books at the local book sale which I’m going to read in the next few weeks – all about running injury free and stretching – and once I’m back into a routine with the knee stretching excercises my physio set me (down to the fact that I’d spent so much time kneeling and playing with Milo resulting in hurty knee hell), I should be all set to start my running programme again. Even though I’d only been out three times, I was really enjoying it – so hopefully I can pick up with again in about a months time…

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