Thank you for going round and round…

Round The Horn 2013

Round The Horn last week was a great success! A fab day was had by all methinks – the venues and visiting artists as well as all the folk who followed our Advent Calendar Trail around Kinghorn. The weather was windy, but people didn’t seem to mind. Some came to browse, some came to buy, some came just for a chat and some came to commission.

My day started early with my visiting artist Claire Christie (who runs Clarabella Christie from her home in Dunfermline) arriving with a car load of amazing products  to fill my living room. Colin was on hand to help with shifting and sorting and plugs and electrics while I got on with hanging up signs and balloons and final pricings and making cups of tea. Quick snaps taken on my iPhone…



Final preparations for Round The Horn 2013

Within half an hour my living room had been tranformed from boring to a haven of vintage. It was like stepping back into the 70’s. More quick snaps – wish I’d used my actual camera and not rushed…








Clarabella Christie takes over Milomade's livingroom for Round The Horn 2013

My studio was tidy for the first time in months. I’d spent three weeks tidying and sorting and getting ready for this and decided to transform the place into a shop – I thought this approach would be more welcoming and inviting for visitors and allow them to see my products how they’re meant to be seen, rather than mixed in with tools and equipment and mess. It worked! I made loads of sales, got two commissions and had some amazing conversations too.

This is my window display full of layered button necklaces and kits to make your own, boxed christmas cards and single cards, zippy brooches, button bracelets and earrings to match, copper brooches, hairclips, button flower brooches as well dog toys and gift bags and some of my 3D baubles on display.


Here are my new acorn pendants… Someone was so taken by them, they asked if the boxes were for sale too!


rth2013-18 rth2013-22



My button hairclips were displayed in an old letterpress set of drawers… with gift tags below…


And my notepads and envelopes stood proudly in the corner…


My jewellery cabinet was full of rings, pendants and earrings of all kinds…






Old card stock and decorations took over my computer corner…



One more view of the window and corner displays…

The Milomade studio turns into a shop for Round The Horn 2013

So there you go – what do you think?

I told everyone that I will be ‘Open by Appointment’ on Mondays from now until Christmas, so I’m going to try and keep my studio this tidy, so if anyone wants to come back and do some more browsing and shopping they can. Also if you didn’t make it Round The Horn due to other commitments, you’re more than welcome to pop by the studio to see Milomade at least.

This Monday I had a few visitors and made some more sales and took on another commission too. Brilliant!

Thank you to everyone who braved the winds and did our trail, some of it or all of it! Your support for our event and all the people involved was phenomenal!