New Website Coming Soon…

Milomade Next Steps Programme

I’ve mentioned a few times on Facebook how I’m planning a new website, well today is my first day back at work after Christmas and I’m at the brainstorming and planning stage. I’ve been doing a lot of research over the past few months and definitely want to change the focus of the website and re-organise it completely.

This has all come about through the Next Steps Programme and discussions with my mentor and also more recently with a copywriter. I need to make more of my online presence and make more sales through my website and what better way to do this than changing the focus of the site so that it’s more shop orientated. I’ve looked at so many other makers’ websites that I love and the focus is completely on selling, you go straight into the shop and products are instantly at your fingertips. If you want to find out more about the maker, you can, but the navigation for the information pages is less prominant and I really like this approach.

The Milomade website is very text heavy and the products aren’t easy to find and the link to the online shop is getting lost. I often get emails or messages on Facebook from people asking where they can buy my work and I find these quite baffling, as to me, it’s quite obvious – there’s a link to my shop right there. It’s not obvious to everyone I’ve discovered. People do find it difficult to navigate my site and find the shop and I wonder how many customers I’ve lost because of this.

So I’m re-focusing and re-desiging and I’m finding the process quite challenging – I want to get it right. That’s why I’ve also hired a copywriter. I’m working with Jane Livingstone from in Dunfermline and we’ve had one meeting already to go over the basics and the next stage is for me to work up some visuals so that we can then work together on adding the right words. There’s going to be a bit of a cull and a huge bit of restructuring, but I think it’s for the best.

For this reason, I’ve been knealing on my studio floor this morning in front of the fire with lots of paper and pens doing lots of brainstorming and scribbling. Hopefully I can crack the new site structure today and start creating some new visuals.

Website Planning

I will keep you posted on how thisngs are going and I’m hoping to re-launch Milomade in it’s shiny new form very soon.