365 Days, Starting Today!


It’s New Years Day and today I’m starting a 365 day project. I’m going to be selecting one photo I’ve taken each day and uploading it to my BlipFoto account – why not give it a go yourself, or follow my progress through the year?

I’ve used BlipFoto in the past but never managed to do a full 365 days, so this year I’m going to try. BlipFoto is a really easy site to use and a great way to have a document of your life through images. The idea is that you register for an account and upload one image per day. Sounds easy, but when I’ve used the site in the past, sometimes it’s been easy to forget to take a photo, or it’s often quite challenging too.

What with all the changes happening at Milomade HQ this year and the fact that I now have Milo in my life, I don’t think I will be going a single day without taking a photo, so I’m hoping I can keep it up for 365 days. Plus they now have iPhone and iPad apps available which will make it even easier… I hope!

Milomade on BlipFoto

Here’s a link to BlipFoto.

And here’s a link to my journal – MiloBlippingMade.