Locket Inspiration

Vintage Watch Glass

I started a Pinterest board at the beginning of this year to store all the iamges and tutorials I came across with regards to making lockets. I add to it almost every other day.

Lockets on Pinterest

You can find it here: http://www.pinterest.com/milomade/lockets/

My latest fascination is this blog post by Becca Williams I came across recently where she has quickly documented setting a piece of domed watch glass into what looks like a locket in the making.

Becca Williams - Jewellery Designer : Silversmith - Portholes

I have a bit of a collection of vintage watch glass that I have been wanting to use in my jewellery for ages.

Vintage Watch Glass


Hopefully Lisa at Silver Hub Studios in Edinburgh can teach me how to achieve something like this in my classes on Wednesday night. I’ll have to get some ideas down on paper.