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Get Notifications from Milomade on Facebook

Yet again Facebook have changed their algorithms. I’ve noticed that my post reach has steadily declined lately and people who have liked my page are not getting the updates that I post.

Get Notifications from Milomade on Facebook

This is all down to the fact that Facebook want business page owners to pay to promote their posts and make money from us – that’s fair enough, but not really feasible for small businesses and sole traders like myself.

This year I’ve started using the ‘Get Notifications’ option when I like a page – this means that whenever the page owner posts an update, this appears in my news feed. I’ve even gone through all the pages that I like and changed my settings to Get Notifications from my most favourite pages. It seems to work and my news feed is full to the brim of updates from friends and family, but also from all the pages I’ve asked to get notifications from.

Sometimes I’m a little overwhlelmed by content, but it’s the only way to make sure I am kept up to date.

So if you’re suffering from a lack of updates from Milomade – try the Get Notifications option and see if it works for you.

I posted this on Facebook earlier but as my ‘post reach’ is now rubbish (see above for reason), I thought I’d post the info on my blog as well.