Design Trust Challenge

Milomade webinar notes - Get your online shop ready for Christmas

A week or so ago I signed up for a challenge set up by The Design Trust called ‘Get your online shop ready for Christmas’. It all started with a webinar which was amazingly informative and this led to people, like me, posting up 5 tasks to complete before the end of September.

The Design Trust Webinar - Get your online shop ready for Christmas

It’s all about accountability and getting things done. If you tell the world you’re going to do X,Y and Z, you’re more likely to get on with the tasks and complete them than if you just write yourself a list and promise yourself you’ll get on with them soon.

I’ve just re-launched my new improved website and so I thought this would be a great challenge to get involved in as we’re coming up to the busiest shopping time of the year. I’ve got until the end of September to complete my 5 tasks and I’m hoping I can do this. Here’s what I’ve decided to try and accomplish…

So here is a list of the 5 tasks I’ve decided to tackle for this challenge…

  1. Make some christmas specific gift guides: I already have a gift guides section on my site that needs a little refining after the webinar. Need to create one full of items for perfect stocking fillers and also one for themed bundles of specific related products that could be bundled together with a % deducted from the total – looking for ideas for a catchy name…
  2. Add gift vouchers to the shop £20, £50, £75, £100: I will need to create a physical voucher that can be sent out to customers – need to photograph these to add them to the shop. Add a new category within Gift Guides for Gift Vouchers or insert them as products at the top of each gift guide product page for people who can’t decide
  3. Give the homepage carousel a christmassy feel: Use snowflakes (or other graphics) as overlays and add new slides to link directly to new gift guides and gift vouchers remembering to keep exisitng slides so that I can switch everything back after Christmas.
  4. Re-do shipping costs and add postal dates: At the moment my shipping is calculated based on weight and this has proven difficult as I sell such a large range of products, some requiruing next day delivery with compensation etc (jewellery) and others that would be more appealing to buy if my base shipping rate wasn’t as high as £4.95 (a pack of badges for instance), so thinking of changing shipping to be based on order total rather than weight. But I need to see if this is feasible with regards to international orders. If I do shipping according to order total I can then offer free shipping to orders over £100. I also need to make it very clear to customers that there is delivery address flexibility and that they can put in a different shipping address than the billing address – this isn’t listed anywhere on the site at the moment and I think it should be. Included in this task would be to sort out last postage dates for this year for UK and International orders and add a visual link to these from the homepage.
  5. Add a gift wrap option: This is quite a biggy as I’d have to edit every single product in my shop, unless someone can suggest an easier way to do this. I’d offer an eco conscious wrapping service i.e. I’d use vintage maps or music and an option to add a little handwritten tag on recycled card. Got to decide on a price for this and create related photography.

I’ve got until Tuesday 30th September to get it all done and I’m slowly getting on with things behind the scenes and will gradually introduce these changes up until the 30th. I’ve pinned up my notes as well as my tasks on my wall and refer to them daily.

Milomade webinar notes - Get your online shop ready for Christmas

Wish me luck!

Why not get involved as well – watch the webinar and sign up at The Design Trust website (you have to be a member).