This is a test social media experiment post


I’m currently testing a few things as I’ve set up a Buffer account so that I can post to twitter, facebook and google+ at the same time. I’ve also just discovered IFTTT and with this connected my blog to Buffer.

So if all goes to plan, this post should get sent to my Buffer account once I’ve published it. I’m yet to find out whether Buffer will then automatically post it to twitter, facebook and google+ or whether I need to do this manually.

This is a whole new thing for me and I feel I’ve jumped in at the deep end without any arm bands to keep me afloat as I’ve not read much of the documentation and kind of just winging it. I blame Patricia van den Akker of The Design Trust as she set the wheel in motion during a recent webinar I attended online, as did a few of the other attendees – apparently what I currently do i.e. have my facebook posts automatically sent to twitter is a bit of a social media faux pas and a lot of people find this sort of thing irritating.

I don’t want to irritate people, so as Buffer was mentioned several times here and there, I thought I’d look into it. My google+ page has been dormant since I set it up – not enough hours in the day being the main reason – but it’s exciting to see that if I use Buffer I can connect to that as well as facebook and twitter.

And now the blog as well! Oh the possibilities!

I’ll need to re-jig a few things as I’ve got facebook currently set up to send my posts to twitter and I’ve got my blog RSS feed connected to facebook. It might now be that as my blog is connected to Buffer, I can ditch these settings completely. I am very active on my facebook page though and would still like to engage my twitter followers with what I post on there. This may now be possible with Buffer witout much extra work, or I could get IFTTT involved somehow.

I want to make the most of sales opportunities this coming festive season and have an interesting ‘Offer of the Month’ idea for October involving my antique silverware rings and I think Buffer is going to make this very exciting and easy to manage. I’m off to sit down with a cup of tea and do a bit of reading around the topic now and find out what happens when I press the publish button.