A Ring A Day – Oriana – Get 20% Off Today

A Ring A Day – Oriana – Get 20% Off Today

It’s the 15th of October and here is the fifteenth ring in my ‘A Ring A Day’ promotion this month. I’d like to introduce you to Oriana that is one of my A.S.Ornate rings. Get 20% off this ring today (15.10.14) from 0.00hrs – 23.59hrs UK time.

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A Ring A Day – Oriana – Get 20% Off Today

Part of my A.S.Ornate ring collection this ring has been given the name Oriana, based on the words Latin meaning to rise, sunrise, dawn. The ring has a ridge running all the way around it’s edge and at the tapering terminal end this is decorated with a little burst of rays reminiscent of an illustrated sunsrise.

The teaspoon was originally made in 1943 by a silversmith trading under the name of James Dixon & Sons who was based in Sheffield. Who knows what journeys it’s been on and the people it’s encountered, not to mention the amount of tea it has stirred or the gossip it’s heard in it’s lifetime before being discovered by me at the back of a cabinet in an antique shop.

There is only one Oriana ring available.

This design is available in sizes L to R – the rings are not closed so can be adjusted.

Although in my opinion the ring looks best with an antique patina applied as this brings out the detail in the design, the ring is also available in a plain silver finish.

A Ring A Day – Oriana – Get 20% Off Today

Making jewellery from antique silverware is something I really enjoy. I love stripping away the years of tarnish and neglect and breathing new life into these forgotten things and making them into something precious that can be given as a gift or keepsake. Maybe the date is relevant to you or the detail in the design, but there’s always something special about an item with so much history – working with it as well as wearing the finished piece.

To get 20% off this ring today use this code at checkout: ARAD-15-ORIANA

The code is only valid for one day only from 0.00hrs – 23.59 on the 15th October 2014

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