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Advent Calendar - 11th December

Creative recycling at it’s best – take something old and make it new. Todays Advent Calendar Offer (valid until midnight tonight) is something to help you with your festive decorations.

Hang out the flags!

Advent Calendar 2014 - 11th December - DIY Bunting Pack

My DIY Bunting Packs contains all you need to make unique 5m long strips of paper bunting from recycled maps, music or cartoons.

Milomade DIY Bunting Kits

If you follow the instructions included carefully, in no time you’ll be the proud maker of a strip of totally unique bunting to hang up and decorate your home, Christmas tree, windows etc.

Milomade DIY Bunting Kits

Milomade DIY Bunting Kits

Milomade DIY Bunting Kits

Work solo or with your kids, mum, dad, friends, neighbour, total stranger, whatever takes your fancy – it’s a great way to get creative and have some fun with beautiful results.

What you get in each pack:
– Detailed instructions
– 65 bunting pieces
– 5m of super strong paper twine

Other things you will need:
– Glue stick or PVA
– Patience and time

See all the bunting packs available here and then visit the advent calander now to see what discount you can get today.