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Advent Calendar - 14th December

If you love my Antique Silverware Rings, then you’ll love todays Advent Calendar Offer (valid until midnight tonight). Today you can get a discount off any of my Brightcut ring designs.

Advent Calendar 2014 - 14th December - Antique Silverware Brightcut Rings

Brightcut is a type of decorative engraving used on metal objects, especially those made of silver. The decorative designs are created by making a series of short cuts into the metal, using a polished engraving tool that causes the exposed surfaces to reflect light and give an impression of brightness.

I love working with antique brightcut spoons as the designs are stunningly simple, yet so intricate in their creation. The rings I make are available in a plain silver mirror finish which is the intended look for the brightcut designs, however I love to oxidise the rings and give them an antique patina which really shows the true extent intricate engraved surfaces.

I currently have the following 5 designs in stock:

Milomade Antique Silverware Ring - Aisling - Get 20% Off Today!

Milomade Antique Silverware Rings - Blaithin - Get 20% Off Today


Milomade Antique Silverware Ring - Aine - Get 20% Off Today!

Milomade Antique Silverware Ring - Cheilteach - Get 20% Off Today!

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