Sneak preview of my new collection

Enduring Love Collection

I’ve been working steadily over the past few months on a new collection of jewellery. It’s based on a few pieces I’ve always made and have sold successfully in the past. I just want to expand the range and develop it fully as I intend to launch the collection at BCTF next year.

But I might add a few pieces to my shop soon, once I’ve taken some images I’m happy with, plus this is the first set of jewellery I will sending off to the Assay office in Edinburgh to be hallmarked with my very own makers mark – so exciting!

The collection is called ‘Enduring Love’ and is made from the bowls of antique British hallmarked sterling silver spoons. You may remember the love heart pendants I used to sell:

Theme Thursday - Motherly Love - Love Heart Pendant

You may even own one yourself. Well soon you’ll be able to purchase pieces to match. The collection is going to consist of:

– stud earrings
– drop earrings
– rings- a variety of pendants and chokers
– brooches
– bangles (possibly)

as well as ‘mother/daughter’ pieces that can be bought as a set.

Here are some of the snaps I’ve taken this week which I’m happy with, but I still need to work on the book page background and how it will suit the whole collection. So I’m going to be doing photo shoot after photo shoot until I’m happy.

(plus WordPress is making all my images a lot darker on upload and I’m not sure why)

Enduring Love Ring – Mirror Finish:

Enduring Love Ring – Frosted Finish:
Enduring Love Collection

Enduring Love Drop Earrings – Mirror Finish:
Enduring Love Collection

Items are available to pre-order, so if you’re interested in finding out more, or seeing more photos, get in touch to discuss either by email (info@) or phone (see contact page). My studio is open by appointment, so I’m more than happy for you to pop by to see the current completed items as well as the pieces in development.