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Milomade on Instagram

I often worry about social media overload, but I’ve decided to sign up for Instagram as I’ve heard so many great things about it recently via the podcasts I’ve been listening to on the Thriving Artists Summit run by Bonnie Gllendinning

If you follow me on Facebook you’ll know that I’ve become rather disheartened with it and the very limited post reach I experience nowadays compared to the reach my posts got a year ago. I used to love Facebook more than any other social network online as I had so many great experiences, conversations and connections with people. Now it feels like tumbleweed blows past everytime I post and I don’t really feel like spending time on there anymore.

Facebook has moved the goal posts once again and are keen to get people to pay to promote their content. That’s not something I’m willing to do so although I’ll keep my Milomade page running and updated regularly, I’m going to be putting my focus on Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter this year.

My Instagram account is in it’s infancy and I only have 10 followers but I’m hoping that in time this will grow soon to reflect the following I have on other social media sites.

Milomade is now on Instagram!

I’m really loving the visual nature of Instagram and don’t understand why I’ve not signed up sooner. I guess I was worried about social media overload and having too many sites to maintain. I’ve started following so many amazing creative people and it’s a joy to see their updates in such an immediate and visual way.

As I’m going to be in the studio more this year and the fact that I’m getting ready for BCTF in April, I’m going to be using Instgram to document my work in progress. I’ve recently been posting about work in progress on my Enduring Love collection which I’ll be launching very soon.

So why not join me – it’d be great to connect with you!

If you have any Instagram tips, please share them in the comments box below….