Milomade Birthday Giveaway

Milomade Birthday Giveaway

It’s my birthday today and I’m on my own in the house, working away in my studio – how dull! I thought I’d brighten the day up a bit with a bit of a laugh and a giveaway. You need to visit my Facebook page to enter.

I took a selfie this morning as I was working away at the bench and I’ve posted this up to Facebook with details of how to enter my birthday giveaway and what you could win. All you have to do is guess my age.

I’ll be accepting answers until midnight tonight (19.01.15) and will announce the winner tomorrow (Tuesday 20th). Please like and share the facebook post and add your guess below the images for your chance to win a lovely blue heirloom button necklace handcrafted in sterling silver.

Here are the images I’ve posted up on Facebook, but you need to follow this link to enter:

Milomade Birthday Giveaway

Milomade Birthday Giveaway

2 thoughts on “Milomade Birthday Giveaway

  1. Jane says:

    Happy birthday! I feel a bit naughty as I had a bit of a snoop through past posts – I hope that’s okay but if that’s considered cheating then that’s okay too! Hope your day is excellent 🙂 P.S. Really glad you’ve joined Instagram, I have your blog on my blog reader but it’s great seeing all the processes of your makes on there. It’s wonderful!

  2. Milomade says:

    That’s not cheating. That’s being clever and using your nous. What else is the internet for? The answer is out there so don’t feel that you’re cheating.

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