Picks of the week – Packaging

Folded Book Heart Sculpture

I have a Pinterest board that’s all about packaging and display and I’m always on the look out for innovative ideas using recycled materials, particularly now that the British Craft Trade Fair is looming over the horizon and I’ve got to find good ways to package and display my work.

Here are a few fab ideas I’ve added to my mood board to get my brain cells into action with regards to using books, maps and other paper ephemera for packaging and display.

I discovered a designer/maker called Jane Philips, from the USA, who goes under the name of My CrazyHands on Etsy, who produces the most amazing little things from paper ephemera. I found this image on Pinterest a while, but unfortunately the link is broken, so I guess she no longer makes these little heart details from books that can be added to brighten up a plain box…

Jane Philips - USA - MyCrazyHands - Heart Details
Jane Philips – MyCrazyHands – Heart Packaging Detail

Such a simple idea transforms a boring brown box into something unique especially when combined with the string tied in a bow. I love this and it gave me the idea to incorporate a scalloped circle cut from a Scottish map on all my jewellery boxes teamed up with one of my little hand stamped labels saying ‘Handcrafted in Scotland’ – like this…

Milomade packaging incorporating vintage maps

Jane also creates little 3D origami hearts which are adorable:Jane Philips - USA - MyCrazyHands -3D Origami Heart
Jane Philips – MyCrazyHands – 3D Origami Hearts

And the most amazing book sculptures.Jane Philips - USA - MyCrazyHands - Book Sculpture
Jane Philips – MyCrazyHands – Book Sculpture

Which got me thinking about possibly including books within my display. I’ve had the thought in my head for a while as a couple of my friends in Kinghorn who are the creative duo behind Oi! Panda have some beautifully sculptures in their home that are made from books and other paper ephemera and they often run paper folding workshops to give people ideas. So it’s something I’ll be trying out this month to see if anything suits my work or display.

I particularly want to try out this tutorial that shows you how to make a heart within a book by simply systematically folding the pages in the right way. This would be very appropriate for my Enduring Love Collection don’t you think?

Folded Book Heart Sculpture

I’m also playing around with further ideas on embelishing the new plain Kraft boxes I’ve invested in to package my work from now on using maps, music and patterned papers like envelopes with interesting security patterns. It’s a nice way to tie in my jewellery with my other items I make by using recycled materials and make connections across collections/products.

I love this product shot of these beautifully embelished boxes using washi tape by Stéphanie Kilgast found on Flickr:

Washi Tape Boxes by Stéphanie Kilgast

A similar effect could be achieved using strips of maps or music.

Another seller on Etsy – dsharp – makes little matchbox type boxes and covers them in vintage maps – they’re lovely – but I’m thinking of using maps on the inside of my boxes. I love the way she’s added a tag saying ‘You mean the world to me’. The reason I want to use maps is to show the provenance of some of my pieces, in particular, my antique silverware rings where I will use  part of a map from the town the spoons were originally assayed.

dsharp - vintage map box

Another fab idea I’ve seen, which would mean investing time and money, to design and purchase some decorative tape like this by Dinara Mirtalipova on flickr:

Decorative Tape by Dinara Mirtalipova

but not for me as it doesn’t really fit with my brand, but I do love it!

Check out my Pinterest board to see lots more ideas on how to package and display your work. I add to it on a regular basis and use it as a constant source of inspiration.

Have you got any great packaging ideas using recycoled materials? If so share them below…