New Collection in Progress…

Milomade New Jewellery Collection coming soon

I’ve been busy working away in my studio – the beginnings of a new jewellery collection, as yet with no name. It’s new in production, but it’s been in my head for years, I’ve just never had the time to experiment and devote enough time to development until now.

If you’re a follower of Milomade on Instagram, or catch up with my Facebook ramblings or Twitter tweets then you’ll have seen a few of my recent creations already. I’m loving the pieces I’ve made so far and can’t wait to make more. Here’s a sneak preview…

The Raw Material – Antique Silver Spoon Bowls

3 Different Sizes – 3 Different Finishes

Beautiful Sandy Texture From Silver Dust

The Pendant – Final Positioning of Elements

Mmmm rivet or solder? Can't decide. #instasmithy #instajewellery #recycledsilver

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Video Showing How it’s Been Riveted Together

Riveted #instasmithy #instajewellery #recycledsilver

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The Pendant on a Chain

The Raw Material for Earrings – Large Antique Silver Spoon Bowl

The Earrings – Paired Off

Four pairs of earrings in progress. #instasmithy #instajewellery #recycledsilver

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Earrings Component

The Finished Earrings

A quick pickle, clean and they're now oxidised and polished. Done.

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The collection has no name as yet, but it’s come about through my love of texture, randomness, pattern and all that I absorb and pickup on my daily walks along the beaches of Fife where I live.

When we moved to Kinghorn over 6 years ago I fulfilled my lifelong dream of living by sea and a-top a cliff at that – it’s a privilege and a pleasure – and finally it’s inspiration is coming through in my work!

The collection will consist of:
– Pendants (in varying sizes and styles)
– Earrings (studs and drops)
– Bangles
– and possibly rings

I was going to include brooches, but I’m keener to introduce bangles and rings right now.

Let me know what you think – you can comment below or leave messages on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. I would love to hear your opinions and thoughts and also any ideas for a name…

Thanks for reading….